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US President Joe Biden has warned Australia about getting too cosy with CHina.

Australia news LIVE: Biden welcomes PM to White House for state visit; Australian households taking on more financial risk

Anthony Albanese has been welcomed to the White House, Australian households are taking on more financial risk and a state treasurer has slammed ads for engineered stone.

  • by Caroline Schelle


Hip replacement generic 

Joint replacements could become day surgeries to cut down on backlog

A small number of NSW hospitals currently offer same-day discharge. The NSW government’s surgical taskforce wants to expand the option to the rest of the state.

  • by Angus Thomson
The new surgery blueprint has been described as a significant reform to how surgeries are managed in Victoria.

Super Saturdays and ‘HIT’ clinics to slash surgery waitlist backlog

A radical blueprint proposes several measures in a bid to cut the number of people waiting in pain for surgery.

  • by Aisha Dow and Henrietta Cook

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