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Airline reviews

Brussels Airlines, economy cabin.

Airline review: Underwhelming flight was good, until it suddenly wasn’t

A seat covered in crumbs, an overbooked, delayed flight and an unfulfilled promise of compensation undermine this European carrier’s service.

  • by Flip Byrnes
Cathay Pacific A330 premium economy
Air travel

Airline review: This premium economy feels close to business class

Cathay’s premium economy is ideal for long-haul flights when you don’t want to fork out for business class, but need more space than economy.

  • by Kristie Kellahan
Finnair’s Airlounge has a none-reclining seatback.
Air travel

Airline review: This business class seat doesn’t recline but it’s brilliant

I want the people who designed this cabin to come over to my place and redesign my house.

  • by Flip Byrnes
Ryanair has come of the least comfortable seats you’ll find on any airline.

Airline review: This budget carrier constantly gouges you for more money

Ryanair, Europe’s biggest airline, is cheap but never cheerful.

  • by Sue Williams
Jetstar’s Dreamliner economy class has one of the smallest seats in the sky, but at 17 inches “roomy enough”.

Airline review: Jetstar economy is fine – shame about the passengers

Flying with a budget airline does not give you permission to leave your manners in the terminal.

  • by Julietta Jameson
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Airline reviews: A to Z of Traveller's expert flight tests

Taking a flight? Find out what to expect from your seat, service and route with our comprehensive airline reviews.

Emirates business class
United Arab Emirates

Airline review: Business class on Emirates’ upgraded superjumbo

As the recipient of an upgrade, I readily acknowledge the privilege of travelling in such comfort.

  • by Catherine Marshall
Singapore Airlines’ premium economy come with a raft of perks, but choose your seat wisely.
Air travel

Airline review: Singapore’s premium economy is great, but mind where you sit

An exit row seat on this Singapore Airlines flight is both a blessing and a curse.

  • by Ben Groundwater
The aircraft feels a bit tired, and my seat’s recline function doesn’t work.
Air travel

Airline review: This full-service carrier offers cheaper flights to Europe

Royal Brunei’s Australia-London route makes two stops but is only 90 minutes longer - and $1000 cheaper.

  • by Belinda Jackson
Middle seat business passengers still need to step over their seat neighbour for bathroom visits.

Airline review: Bali Business Class ‘lite’, but is the short flight worth it?

By the end of 2024, Jetstar plans to phase out business class on this route, so it’s a limited-time luxury.

  • by Julie Miller