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Savvy traveller

Viking cruise - Viking Star first sea cruise to NOrway

How to travel on a luxury ship for half the price

Want to try a new cruise line or sample the high life on a luxury ship at below regular cost? A repositioning cruise might bag you a bargain-price holiday.

  • by Brian Johnston
The trouble with buying a knife in Japan is there are so many to choose from.

The problem with knife shopping in Japan

It’s not so much finding one to buy, but deciding which of the myriad of options to purchase.

  • by Ben Groundwater
Staying in dorm rooms is a great way to meet other travellers (though it has its drawbacks).

Why youth hostels aren’t just for the young

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel alternative, a new-style hostel could be the answer. Just do your research.

  • by Ben Groundwater
Avoid touristy areas if you want to save on your dining bills.

Avoid the rip-offs: How to eat well in Europe on the cheap

Although exchange rates work against us, you can still save on meals in Europe without having to sacrifice enjoyable restaurant experiences.

  • by Brian Johnston
Uber, which has set a target to phase out petrol vehicles from its platform by 2040, is exploring ways to boost uptake of electric cars in Australia, where sales are lagging other nations.

Yes, you can do a road trip using an electric car. Here’s how

If, with the best eco-friendly intentions, you want to rent an electric vehicle, here’s what you need to know – and some of the best places to go.

  • by Brian Johnston
The digital era has meant travellers take far more photos than they used to in the days of film.

Here’s what to do with your thousands of travel photos

Yes, you have a lot of photos. But do you ever look at them? Or are they languishing in the ether, lost in your iCloud, never to be appreciated again?

  • by Ben Groundwater
Horizon Club Lounge, Shangri-La Sydney.

This is the hotel equivalent of business class

Club (or executive) rooms give you access to perks and facilities unavailable to regular guests. But are they worth the extra price?

  • by Brian Johnston
There are few things you should do to prepare your device before taking overseas.

Ten things to do before you take your phone overseas

Travelling overseas is a sure-fire way to run into security and other problems with your mobile. Here are 10 ways to protect your device.

  • by Rosalyn Page
RV Amalotus cruise ship. Image supplied by APT. SHD TRAVEL APRIL 1 CAMBODIA VIETNAM RIVER CRUISE. AMALotus_Mekong River_FINAL_CMYK_1639al_GU.jpg

How to make the most of travelling by river

Boutique-hotel amenities and glorious landscapes that slide by without your having to exert the slightest effort.

  • by Brian Johnston
The regular commuter trains in Switzerland afford admirable views.

$6600 v $127: How to travel Europe’s spectacular train routes on the cheap

The Orient-Express takes you from Paris to Venice for $6600 but you can make the same rail journey in a sleeper for about $127.

  • by Brian Johnston